New Light & Color Lab Web Address


If you are looking for the Light & Color Lab blog, the web address has changed.  Please visit the new site here.  Thanks for checking in!  You can link directly to any of the previous posts in the index below:

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Vacation Improves Well-being – Oahu Hawaii
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PoP (Philosophies on Perception) – Homeostatic Interfaces & the Role of Caffeine
Philosophies on Perception – Hypnagogic Hallucination

Vitamin B2 Glowing Ebru
Neon Ebru with Oil
Neon Ebru Milkfat Testing
Neon Paint Ebru Art on Milk with Soap
Turntable Animation Scaffold
XY Circular Pattern
Complex Circular Pattern 2
Tribute to Patrick Ashline – Black Light Painting 3
Complex Rotating Painting w/ Red Strobe
3D Shape Neon Designs
Complex Rotating Spiral Painting
Neon Circular Dartboard Pattern Spinning
Rotating Spiral Painting 1
Neon 1:1 Color Palette and Key
Black Light Painting 2 – Sand Castle Augmentation
Black Light Painting 1 – Contrasting Spirals

Explosion of Neon Color
Glow in the Dark Paint Under Colored Lights
Light Weaving 2: Xmas Incandescence
Light Weaving
CD Prism Effect
RGB Light Shadow Patterns 1
Colored Light Pattern Distribution 1
Underwater Light Stop Motion
Medusa Lamp w/ Colored Bulbs Behind Patterned Curtain

Glowing Jello – Food Coloring in Tonic Water and Vitamin B2
Glowing Drinks Under Blacklight: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Highlighter Ink Fluorescence
Glowing Gelatin
Glowing Lubricant
Glow Stick Dissection
Food Coloring in Tonic Water 1
Quinine Chemical Fluorescence